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Visionary Consulting

With case study featuring erica jones co.

You know what you love to do, and the kind of impact you want to create in the world. You don’t, however, have a clear idea of how to do that effectively, how to build a meaningful connection with your market, what to offer, how to grow in your business.

I have ideas. This is, you could say, my magic. When I work with women to identify their vision, there is a burst of inspiration and clarity that follows. This is the space I live to exist in, the process of revelation and creation that is born through these relationships.  We explore ideas along these paths of potential, and through collaboration we hone in on the most aligned path forward, and make a plan for implementing those ideas in intentional and attainable ways. 

I prefer to “show my work” when making an offer, so I’m going to tell you the story of Erica, an incredible healer, writer, and coach I have had the honor of working with over the past year. 


telling the story

Your business is your baby, a seed of magic that you have nurtured through education, experimentation, and with no shortage of obstacles. At the root of all of this is the story of how it began, what drives you in this work, and the passion that has kept you moving through all of the setbacks and doubt that have crept in along the way. 

There is no way forward without first looking back, to trace our way to the beginning and paint the picture of who you are and what you’re all about. In order to develop a vision and a plan for your business, I need to know you, your why, your journey to this moment, and the deepest dream hiding in your heartpart. 

This is a deep dive process that is intense and always beautifully revealing. As I got to know Erica, I became familiar with her strengths, her fears, her secret dreams. I learned that she can understand and apply spiritual concepts unlike anyone I’ve ever known. I learned about the path she has followed that allowed her a unique perspective on life and healing. From broken bones in childhood to the whispers from the spirit world, I got to know Erica through the stories that matter the most for her. 

the vision

The Vision Consulting is the process of discovery and ideation, culminating in an action plan. I listen closely and offer feedback, do deep research and lots of brainstorming behind the scenes, to come back with a plotted path forward for your business. I include a proposal for how I can help you to implement these steps, what you do from here is up to you.  You get to decide if you want that help with implementation, go it alone, shelve it until you’re ready, or hire someone else.

Erica’s perspective for herself and her business has shifted since we began. When she came to me a few months after launching her initial brand, Making Waves, she had “upleveled” massively in her mindset and dream for her business. Through coaching & brainstorming sessions, we allowed the old ideas to drop away and created a brand new plan to build her business over the next year. We focused on her strengths, deep understanding and intuition, and an incredible propensity for clear communication of complex topics. We transitioned her path from small, hyper-local community building to a dream of large-scale authority as a leader of women through healing and wholeness. 



Erica was ready when she came to me for this work. With the plan acting as a compass for the development of her brand, we dove into the process of crafting the experience of her business from the ground up. Together we shaped her brand, coming together often to brainstorm, feel out what was working and what needed further honing, and what needed to drop away to allow more room for growth. It was her fearless determination to show up in her business that allowed us to create a fertile ground on which to build her business. The work we did was her act of radical alignment and willingness – and the results, I think, speak for themselves. 

The Brand

Erica’s brand is focused on healing, intuition, and the peace that grows through the journey back to self. Her visual branding is simple, yet striking. Not only do her icons serve to act as a guide through her website, but they anchor the points of her philosophy & practices.

We worked closely together to hone the visuals, including her flying from Michigan to Minnesota so we could capture her spirit in a personal branding portrait session. 

The result is a brand that exudes the peace she helps women find.

The Offers

From coaching to sound healing, and so much in between, Erica’s magic is her capacity to understand and utilize a wealth of modalities to support women in their healing journey. We worked together to map out the ways she can best bring these tools, rooted in community, to her people. We have given shape to her services, programs, and the ways she wants to evolve over time.

In addition, we have developed plans for in-direct income potential through products and passive offers.

The Website

We wanted to carry the peace of her work through on her website, to create an instant calming when people visit her space online. In addition, we put a lot of consideration into how people would move through her site, how to best convey the wide variety of her skills. We wanted to be sure we didn’t lose sight of the fact that all of these services are intricately woven together, all operating in harmony. After a lot of tweaking and attention to the tiniest of details, we crafted a stunning site that will help her to confidently promote her business.




As someone who has been on the receiving end of Mich’s brainstorming and design work, she will blow your mind with the way she can vision your business (sometimes better than you can) the design work is the icing on the cake, but most of her value is in the power and capacity of her big picture and micro-level visioning.

-Erica jones


The Visioning Consultation is the beginning of our journey together. After you’ve introduced yourself to me, I will do some preliminary research and intuitive work to prepare for our call together. During this call, we will sort through where you are, where you want to go, and bring some clarity to how you can get there. Because all of my services are tailored to your needs, where you go from here is up to you. 

Visionary Plan

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